Speedway Miramichi - September 16, 2012

The WINMAR Eastern Super Mini Cup Series returned to Speedway Miramichi on September 16th after wet weather forced the postponement of the Saturday evening event to Sunday afternoon.

The original field of 11 cars included new drivers Don Gaudet and Arlene Ford, both of Summerside, PE.  However, due to the postponement to Sunday afternoon, they were unable to race on Sunday.  Also in the field was 12 year old Bandolero driver, Courtney O'Blenis, daughter of Sportsman and Pro-Stock driver, Dave O'Blenis.  In practice, Courtney proved to be a mature driver beyond her years, wheeling the James Matchett prepared #12 around the 1/3 mile Miramichi track with times in the low 17 second bracket.  In fact, August 3rd Centre for Speed feature winner, Chris Wilson did all he could do to close the gap on O'Blenis in practice but was unsuccessful.

Heat #1

First up for the mini cup cars was the first of two heat races and the action started immediately on lap one.  Summerside's Jeremy Alexander and his #20 Livingston Steel Inc., Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre Toyota Camry had a front suspension part come loose and rolled over in turn 1, hitting the retaining wall and slid on it's roof to the middle of turn 2.  Alexander was fine and feels like the Miramichi track owes him one after the accident and blowing an engine on July 21st.

Here is how the accident looked after Alexander hit the wall, as captured by Luann Foster.

Below is a video of the incident.


On the restart, young Courtney O'Blenis took the lead and held it for about three laps holding off a strong James Matchet and Derek Goodwin.  Matchett eventually took the lead from O'Blenis while Leolin Bordage passed both Goodwin and O'Blenis for second place. The rest of the 10 lap heat featured the field running in a tight, nose to tail line with Matchett taking the win.  Here are the results of the first Heat Race:

1st#29 - James MatchettMiramichi, NB
2nd#11 - Leolin BordageSt. Leolin, NB
3rd#24 - Derek GoodwinRenous, NB
4th#48 - Eric GoodfellowMiramichi, NB
5th#12 - Courtney O'BlenisSalisbury, NB
6th#23 - Kirk SheasgreenMiramichi, NB
7th#71 - Steven CurtisSouth Esk, NB
8th#1 - Chris WilsonSouth Esk, NB
9th#20 - Jeremy AlexanderSummerside, PE 

Here is the full video of Heat #1:

Heat #2

The first half of the second 10 lap race was all Courtney O'Blenis in the #12 as she held off a strong charging Eric Goodfellow. Despite fighting a severe push off the corners, Goodfellow took the lead on lap 5 and looked like he was on his way to his first ever checkered flag in the WINMAR Eastern Super Mini Cup Series, followed by Derek Goodwin and Leolin Bordage.  Then caution came out on lap 8 for a spin by Bordage and James Matchett.  Speedway Miramichi officials sent Bordage and Matchett to the back and the field was lined up for the restart.  Goodfellow and Goodwin were on the front row for the restart and despite Goodfellow leading up to the caution, it was Derek Goodwin taking the lead on the restart and held on to it for his first ever checkered flag in the WINMAR Eastern Super Mini Cup Series.  Goodfellow held off a strong running Kirk Sheasgreen for second place.  Here are the results of Heat #2:

1st#24 - Derek Goodwin Renous, NB
2nd#48 - Eric Goodfellow Miramichi, NB
3rd#23 - Kirk Sheasgreen Miramichi, NB
4th#11 - Leolin BordageSt. Leolin, NB
5th#29 - James MatchettMiramichi, NB
6th#12 - Courtney O'BlenisSalisbury, NB
7th#71 - Steven CurtisSouth Esk, NB
8th#1 - Chris WilsonSouth Esk, NB
Heat #2 Winner - Derek Goodwin
Photo by Luann Foster

Here is the video from Heat #2:

Mini Cup Feature

Eric Goodfellow and Courtney O'Blenis lead the field to the green flag for the 20 lap feature.  It was Goodfellow that took the early lead and held off a strong running Derek Goodwin and James Matchett.  However, on lap 5, Goodfellow still battling a push, allowed Goodwin to sneak low to challenge for the lead.  Goodfellow and Goodwin battled side by side for 3 laps until the #48 pushed too high and allowed the #24 of Goodwin and the #29 of Matchett to move into first and second. Goodfellow held on to third place until lap 13 when #11 Leolin Bordage moved to the inside of the #48 on the back stretch to take third.

Goodwin maintained the lead until 2 laps to go, when Matchett pulled to the inside of Goodwin off of turn 2 and pulled away for his third feature win of the 2012 season.  The 20 lap feature was completed by the 13 horsepower Mini Cup Cars in about 6 minutes or about 18 seconds per lap.

Here are the results from the 20 Lap Mini Cup Feature:

1st#29 - James MatchettMiramichi, NB
2nd#24 - Derek GoodwinRenous, NB
3rd#11 - Leolin BordageSt. Leolin, NB
4th#48 - Eric GoodfellowMiramichi, NB
5th#1 - Chris WilsonSouth Esk, NB
6th#12 - Courtney O'Blenis Salisbury, NB
7th#23 - Kirk SheasgreenMiramichi, NB
8th#1 - Steven CurtisSouth Esk, NB

Heat #1 and Feature Winner - James Matchett
Photo by Luann Foster

Here is the video of the 20 Lap Mini Cup Feature:

Here are the points standings as of September 16, 2012:

The next event on the WINMAR Eastern Super Mini Cup Series schedule is back to Speedway Miramichi for their Grand Opening event on September 29th.

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